19 February 2024

horeca 2024

For the seventh consecutive year, V. ARCHONTAKIS S.A stood out in HORECA

Our company, known for its innovative spirit and unique varieties, such as the Greek traditional coffee Archontaki, CUP, POEM, AGAPE, and ARC, stood out at HORECA 2024 exhibition, which attracted over 80,000 visitors from all over Greece and Europe. This year, in an atmosphere of liveliness and competition, our company showcased its dedication to quality and passion for good coffee. Our stand at the exhibition became the focal point where coffee lovers and industry professionals gathered to experience the rich aromas and flavors of our coffee varieties.

Additionally, the Dorothy Noovel hazelnut praline, made from 100% real chocolate and milk, captured your hearts, adding a sweet touch to the days of HORECA. We thank all those who visited us and shared our passion. Your enthusiasm and support are what make our continuous commitment to quality possible.

We look forward to our next meeting!

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