Complaints Policy


There is a complaint mechanism installed by ARCHONTAKIS AVEE that enables individuals, employees, communities and/or civil society, including complaints, to express their complaints or their opinion on suggestions for improvement. The complaints mechanism is provided:

  • directly via telephone, website and physical store for citizens
  • via email or telephone or through the customer satisfaction questionnaire for corporate customers, or in person
  • Through direct staff meetings for employees and also through the anonymous letter box available in every company locker room

The complaints mechanism is accessible, in local languages (GREEK), but also for those who cannot read or do not have access to the internet.

For this reason a special complaints management committee has been set up which has decision-making power and deep know-how about complaints, which is impartial, approachable and gender-sensitive.

The Complaints Committee consists of:

  1. Dorothea Archontaki. Chief Supply Manager and Head of the Committee
  2. Manthos Archontakis. Director and member of the committee
  3. Patapios Ninolakis – Production Manager – Staff representative
  4. Anestis Heroglidis – Accounting Manager.
  5. Diamantopoulos Christos – Quality Manager

The complaints mechanism has appropriate submission channels for internal and external stakeholders, including employees, members, staff, buyers, suppliers, and the local community.

Anonymous complaints are accepted and confidentiality is maintained

Human rights and labor rights complaints are rectified in accordance with the Remediation Protocol and in collaboration with the Assessment and Remediation Committee as required.

Complaints and agreed follow-up actions are documented and communicated to the individuals involved within 5 days at the latest.

The company commits to the complainants protection from termination of employment/participation, retaliation or threats as a consequence of using the complaints mechanism.


Complaints are recorded on the RA-E 02 form and are also reviewed in the annual management report.

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