18 February 2022

horeca 2022

Extroversion, creativity, knowledge! With these three words being our compass, we participated for another year in HORECA, the largest exhibition of hospitality and mass catering in Greece, which took place on February 11th – 14th at Metropolitan Expo!

In an impressive pavilion in Hall 1 of the exhibition, we welcomed the guests, who had the opportunity to try the special varieties of CUP coffee, traditional Archontakis Greek coffee, as well as the new praline spread with real chocolate and milk, Dorothy Noovel!

The crowd exceeded 50,000, with a great response and visitors from all over Greece and Europe!

The 4 days ended full of new knowledge, collaborations, and the best impressions, giving a big, resounding and very optimistic message for the new consumer trends and the next day in mass catering and the world of coffee!

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