the coffee of variety

we put agape in everything
A unique, specialty espresso, with distinctive variety and intensity. Available in four different blends. The 1973 consists of 100% arabica coffee beans, with moderate to strong intensity. Rana Blu, also with 100% arabica coffee beans and slightly higher intensity. Torre Rossa makes a special mix of arabica and robusta beans, creating an amazing aroma and leaving an excellent aftertaste and intensity that make an impression. Agape is also addressed to those who love coffee but not caffeine, with its decaf version. A unique combination of intensity and decaffeine, with 100% arabica beans, that will fascinate you.
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the next door espresso
A Specialty Espresso with 100% arabica coffee grains, for the lovers of 3rd wave coffee, which is available in four different types, Matteo, Dodo, Felice & Decaf.CUP has a unique personality and generously offers its sweetness, aromas and rich flavor. CUP also has single origins from Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, with special aromas and distinctive aftertaste, ready to satisfy every coffee lover.
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an authentic espresso
Arc is a special coffee, which is addressed to special people. It consists of excellent coffee varieties, from selected countries of origin, while it is roasted and packaged in our facilities. This specialty espresso is available in four different blends with roasted coffee beans that stand out: Boutique, Dark Boutique, Exotic and Grand Cru.
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nostalgic greek coffee
ARCHONTAKIS Greek coffee, made with a passion for tradition, is full of aromatic secrets and available in various blends, such as Traditional, Gold, Double, Light (Blonde), Decaffeinated and Organic. The coffee of pleasure, of travel, of relaxation, the coffee we enjoy every day.
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the coffee of sharing
POEM filter coffee is the coffee we share. The one we make to drink with our colleagues or friends.POEM is available in three types - classic, strong and decaf, as well as in aromatic flavors, with hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla-hazelnut and caramel aromas.POEM espresso is available in packages of 250gr. in five types: 100% arabica, aroma, crema, decaf and bio. There is also available POEM instant coffee in packages of 100gr. and 200gr. and decaf in a package of 100gr.
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