the coffee stages

guaranteed quality

Archontakis has formed long-lasting collaborations with the best coffee houses. In this way, we can guarantee the best possible result in every production, grinding and roasting coffee process. From the first stage of production to consumption, emphasis is placed on all the qualitative characteristics that determine the final coffee experience.

non-negotiable procedures

Before placing an order, we receive a sample from that batch which is checked by the Quality Control department. If the sample meets all the quality and technical specifications, it is given the order of processing and the product is loaded. Upon receipt of the batch, the quality of the coffee is immediately re-checked and cross-checked and accordingly the batch continues for the next stages of processing. The control and production procedures are structured in such a way as to ensure that the product that goes into production meets only the strictest specifications.

up to date storage

Once the Quality Control department has approved the new product receipt, we move on to the next stages of production, starting with pre-cleaning and storage. The facilities of Archontakis factory are selected and installed based on the non-negotiable quality of the processes. Thus, the storage stage is carried out in special silos of controlled temperature and humidity that guarantee the technical and quality management of the product. And as we usually say to the industry but also to our customers, a well-stored coffee is fresh coffee!

roasting with art and special technique

The demanding and special process of roasting coffee presupposes machines and installations that measure and control every qualitative characteristic. The most modern and state-of-the-art equipment of our factory (Probat), electronically controlled, measures with absolute accuracy both the humidity and the whole process in terms of the roasting curve that must be followed. In this way we guarantee the same result in each batch of coffee. At last, the roasted coffee beans are tested in terms of both color and humidity.

grinding for color, taste and aroma

When the coffee is destined for grinding, at first a check is carried out on the color, using special spectrometers for particle size analysis, in order to to ensure that the grinding process will lead to a stable product without variations. Grinding, during which the color, the flavor and the aroma of the coffee are released, is carried out in water-cooled machines and then stored in special silos - enriched with nitrogen - which feed the sieves and the packaging equipment that follows in the production process. The storage process of ground coffee is of major importance as the successful preservation of the qualitative characteristics of the coffee (taste, aroma, color) are depended on it.


From the stage of storage of ground coffee, during which we have ensured that the taste and aroma remain unchanged, we continue to the stage of packaging. Here, the packaging in the various sizes of the final product takes place in a protected environment, in which oxygen has been removed from the packages, certifying that the qualitative characteristics of the coffee will be maintained until they finally reach your cup.

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