a love story

we grow together

Vassilis and Irini Archontakis shared a big love for coffee. The good coffee. So, in 1973 they decided to open a small retail store at Mousouron Street, through which they supplied their customers with products of exceptional quality and unique Greek coffee. Over time, this relationship was strengthened.
Investing in the quality of coffee and the level of their services, they established Archontakis Company in their birthplace, Chania, Crete.
Their love for coffee was bequeathed to their children, who shared the same vision and the same passion, thus expanding the business. They set up their own production and processing coffee factory, emphasizing on quality and using the know – how of all those years. In 1987 the first package of Archontakis Greek Traditional Coffee is created.
This year is a milestone for the company, as the brand name POEM is dynamically included in the production with filter coffee & espresso in four different packages. In the following years, the brand evolves and comes out in five flavors which are embraced by the coffee community and customers, while at the same time the organic decaf with 100% Arabica beans is created, as well as two other new blends.
Archontakis range of Greek coffee products is evolving and responds to the needs of the market with its first specialty espresso, CUP. In the following years the company becomes more extrovert and participates in festivals and international events, with a dynamic presence at the first coffee festival in Technopolis, Athens. Archontakis travels around the world through its participation in the international exhibitions HORECA and Food Expo, while in 2017 the company creates the specialty espresso, ARC, with Italian roast, gaining access to an even larger part of the market.
Many years have passed by and Archontakis family remains in love with coffee. Α new state-of-the-art production factory is created and becomes one of the most modern facilities in Europe, with an area of ​​4000 square meters. It is one of the few factories that shape such coffee management conditions, which minimize human contact with the product, ensuring even stricter quality standards. In 2021, the company introduces Agape espresso, which stands out for its varieties of excellent selection and coffee beans that attract the best reviews.

there is something ... roasting

Our company strives to evolve both technically and productively. Our plans for the future include the processing of coffee for the production of capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. At the same time, we plan the establishment of the first bean to bar artisan chocolate factory, which will be the first in the Balkans, and where we will be able to receive the cocoa fruit, roast it and process it in all its forms.

the people behind coffee

The most powerful and important force of Archontakis company is its people. Those who devote time and knowledge to certify that the final product has nothing less than the quality that the processes and themselves require. Those people have become part of this family, putting in their daily work all their love and care.

the coffee of quality

Apart from the distinctive aromas and taste, Archontakis coffee follows every requirement and procedure to certify and offer only the best coffee products. Thus, the company implements quality systems that meet international standards' requirements, as defined by the International Quality Management and Safety Systems.
ISO 22000:2018
ISO 9001:2015

archontakis coffee a long-lasting relationship

The store where it all started. The Coffee grinder store in Mousouron Street, which for decades emerges the most beautiful aromas that mesmerize the main street of Chania. Half a century later, the coffee grinder store continues to serve customers by offering coffee and products of unique flavors, creating moments and memories on a street that has been identified with Archontakis Greek coffee.

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