Social Responsibility Policy


The primary concern of the management and staff of ARCHONTAKIS AVEE management and staff is to provide products and services characterized by high quality and satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, based on a management and operating system that aims at the continuous improvement of infrastructure, practices and products offered.  

In a highly competitive global market, where companies are judged not only on the basis of their financial results, products and services, but also on the basis of environmental and social criteria, companies must commit themselves to serving their important business and social role in a transparent and valid way. 

The commitment of ARCHONTAKIS AVEE to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, is a strategic choice and is linked to its business operation and development.

The human factor is a key and integral component of our company’s success and therefore it is our primary commitment to comply with the laws and regulations that govern our business activities in particular, and for society in general. 

The company applies the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, above and beyond its legal obligations, by undertaking initiatives aimed at its sustainable development and, at the same time, at contributing to the wider social progress and well-being. 

In our company, defending and respecting human rights is a basic principle of the daily routine of our activities. 

The company has established and implemented internationally recognized quality and safety standards, which ensure the optimum quality of services and food provided, as well as the health and safety of employees, while at the same time optimizing the social and environmental awareness of the company and its employees. More specifically, the company responds to the preceding through a CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT POLICY of ARCHONTAKIS S.A.

τits organization and operation according to the Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2015, is environmentally responsible and consistent through its practices (recycling, reduction of energy needs), produces safe and quality food according to the principles of EN ISO 22000:2018 & IFS V7 and is based on:

the competence and expertise of its staff

the competence and competence of its staff and the competence of its employees ➢ the competence and competence of its staff and the quality of its employees 

the continuous training and evaluation of its staff

➢ the systematic evaluation of its partners  

the necessary investments aimed at its improvement and modernisation 

regular information on developments in its areas of activity 

the continuous monitoring and analysis of the degree of satisfaction of its Customers.

Compliance with the Greek and Community legislation in force, each of our employees, regardless of gender, nationality and age, is treated with respect and dignity. It is our commitment to provide a safe working environment that fosters equal treatment and provides equal opportunities for all. At the same time, comments or behaviour that could reasonably be perceived as harassment, or that reflect prejudice of any category (race, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability) are not acceptable. 

Demonstrating our commitment to all of the above:

  • We support the protection of human rights, especially of our employees, regardless of gender, age, nationality, educational level, etc.
  • We are fully committed to labour and human rights legislation and regulations.
  • We respect and take all necessary actions regarding CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT POLICY OF B. ARCHONTAKIS S.A. working environment and its safety.
  • We fully respect the inalienable right of our employees to participate in the trade union bodies that represent them, regardless of their ideological and political preferences. 
  • We provide a safe and healthy working environment through our practices. 
  • We denounce any form of exploitation of children. 
  • We support the elimination of discrimination in employment and promote diversity in the workplace. 
  • Our company always operates with honesty and integrity and in full compliance with applicable laws. 
  • We train our staff and provide everyone with equal opportunities for professional development and advancement. For the fairer treatment of employees and for their continuous improvement, we implement performance appraisal systems. 
  • We do not allow unfair competition and do not tolerate corruption. 
  • We fully respect the environment and continuously reduce our energy footprint. 
  • We support partners and suppliers (especially coffee) who also have strict environmental requirements. 
  • We use minimal water and control waste management through partnerships with recycling companies. 
  • We have a complete and efficient traceability system through an ERP platform that allows a complete overview of receipts – derivatives and sales. 
  • We have a system for recording complaints both from the customer side through the use of the website, the satisfaction questionnaire and our sales staff, and from the employee side through a privacy and special box where employees can anonymously express their complaints. 


The above social responsibility policy should be distributed to the company’s staff and posted on the company’s premises. It is also the responsibility and commitment of the company to have partners who accept and apply the above basic requirements in turn.

The above policy is based on the basic principles of the United Nations Guide: “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” 


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